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Getting Error on install or Update: "A compression error has been detected."

Reference Number: AA-00205 Views: 8873 Created: 2010-12-03 20:30 Last Updated: 2010-12-08 21:21

Kapersky anti-virus causes some problems during installation or updating, but this may also happen with other anti-virus/anti-malware applications.

When manually updating the message "Getting Error on install:  "A compression error has been detected.  (#5)" appears. 
If auto-updating (from within Gym Assistant) the update will download and "Installing update..." window will appear.  This window will never close and Gym Assistant will not startup up.


Temporarily disable anti-virus or anti-malware protection. 

If you are using Kapersky then right-click on the Kapersky icon in the system tray (lower-right) and select Pause Protection.  After installing/updating reactivate protection or restart your computer.

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