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Moving Gym Assistant to a new computer (single workstation)

Reference Number: AA-00212 Views: 11205 Created: 2010-12-10 23:55 Last Updated: 2018-08-09 23:51

This article explains how to restore Gym Assistant data to a new computer when the contents of the old Gym Assistant folder are still available

Here are some situations in which you might need to restore from an old data folder:

  • Your old computer died but you still have access to the data on the old hard drive.
  • You are are planning to reinstall Windows on your current computer. 
  • You are planning to move your Gym Assistant installation to a new computer.

Before installing Gym Assistant on the new computer:

  • Copy the entire contents of the c:\Gym Assistant 2.0 folder to a flash drive or external hard drive. 
  • If your files have been saved to a CD or DVD then you must unlock the files:
    • Right-click on the Gym Assistant 2.0 folder and select Properties.
    • Uncheck the Read Only box (under Attributes).  If the box is filled solid then first check the box, then uncheck it again.
  • Make sure that you have your Gym Assistant registration codes.  Contact Bio-Logic if you cannot locate your registration information.

On the new computer:

  • Copy the Gym Assistant 2.0 folder intact from the flash drive or external hard drive to the new computer.  The new folder should appear in contents of the C:\ drive.
  • Download and install the latest version of Gym Assistant at:
  • Select all of the defaults in the installer.
  • Start Gym Assistant.  You will have to enter the registration info the first time you run.
  • You will need to Activate the software, but there is no hurry ... you have up to 30 days to activate.  Until that time the software is fully functional.
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