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Preparing data for import into Gym Assistant

Reference Number: AA-00249 Views: 14940 Created: 2011-05-13 21:07 Last Updated: 2014-10-31 18:12

If you can export data from your current system into Excel, we can convert that data for import into Gym Assistant.

To have your data converted, please email it to us at  We will convert it and then send back a file ready for import into Gym Assistant.

You can download a sample Excel file for import here.

  • Fields marked with * are required
  • Dates should be formatted as mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy
  • Dollar amounts should be formatted as xxxx.xx
  • Data should be in one of the following formats: Excel spreadsheet (xls), Comma-Separated Values (csv) or Tab-Delimited  (tab or txt)

  FieldName   Description
MemberNum Membership #, from 1-32,000
If not provided, then we will generate membership #s starting at 1

Name of membership type
Examples:  Charter, Student, Standard, Month-to-Month

BillingOption* Manual billing options: Annual, 6 month, 3 month, 1 month, monthly
Recurring billing options: Credit Card, ACH (both monthly)
BillingAmount* Amount paid per billing period
DueDate* Date of next payment due
BillingStatus Active, Inactive, Terminated, Hold, Freeze, Freeze, Archive (Default is Active)


Gender M or F
Comment Appears when viewing member record
Alert Appears when viewing member record, but also causes denied entry. (e.g. "bounced check" or "must sign waiver")
ResponsibleMemberNum Member # for person responsible for this member's payments. Sets this member as dependent on the Primary member.
Barcode Digits only, up to 8 chars
SignupDate Date member was added to database
ContractBegin  Contract begin date
ContractEnd  End of contract date
OtherField1 Custom field  (can be named later)
OtherField2 Custom field  (can be named later)
OtherField3 Custom field  (can be named later)
OtherField4 Custom field  (can be named later)
CCCardNum Credit card number (no spaces or dashes)
CCExpDate Credit card expiration date (MMYY)
CCName Credit card cardholder name
CCBillingStreet Credit card billing address
CCBillingZip Credit card billing zip code
ACHRoutingNum ACH bank routing number (9 digits)
ACHAccountNum ACH account number
ACHAcctName ACH account holder name

SampleMemberData.xls 14 Kb Download File
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