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Barcode Scanner will not read short UPC codes correctly

Reference Number: AA-00257 Views: 19462 Created: 2011-06-28 21:05 Last Updated: 2011-06-28 21:05


There are 2 main versions of the UPC code found on retail products.  The standard UPC code (called UPC-A) contains 12 digits.  A short UPC code (called UPC-E) contains only 8 digits.  The UPC-E code actually represents a full 12-digit UPC code with some digits set as zero. 

Most barcode readers can be configured to automatically expand a UPC-E barcode to the 12-digit UPC-A code.

GateKeeper is designed automatically pass any UPC codes on to ProShop.  If you scan a UPC code GateKeeper should flash a brief message "Sending UPC to ProShop".  If instead it reports "Unknown Scan XXX" where XXX is the 8-digit UPC code then you must configure your barcode reader correctly.

For ZBA Reader:

In GateKeeper enter the command "*ZBA Config*"  (without quotes) in the Member # field and click Check-In.  The scanner should beep a few times and GateKeeper should report that the configuration was successful.

For MetroLogic/Honeywell Reader:

In the Single Line Configuration Guide that came with your reader scan the code for "Expand UPC-E to 12 digits."

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