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Installation & Data

1 Adding GateKeeper to Windows startup actions in Windows 7 or Vista

Click Start / All Programs. Right-click on the application you want to add to Startup, then select Copy. Click Start/All Programs. Right-Click on Startup and select Explore All Users. Right-click in the Startup window and select Paste.

2 Getting Error on install or Update: "A compression error has been detected."

Kapersky anti-virus causes some problems during installation or updating, but this may also happen with other anti-virus/anti-malware applications. When manually updating the message "Getting Error on install: "A compression error has been detected. (#5)"…

3 Membership Structure & Pricing

This article explains the different Membership Types in Gym Assistant. Membership Types Explained Membership Plans A Membership Plan is time-based. The member says a defined amount for a given period of time. A membership plan has a billing period (for example,…

4 Moving Gym Assistant to a new computer (single workstation)

This article explains how to restore Gym Assistant data to a new computer when the contents of the old Gym Assistant folder are still available. Here are some situations in which you might need to restore from an old data folder: Your old computer died but…

5 Preparing data for import into Gym Assistant

If you can export data from your current system into Excel, we can convert that data for import into Gym Assistant. To have your data converted, please email it to us at We will convert it and then send back a file ready for import…

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