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Gym Assistant Complete Revision History

07/11/2007, Rev 1.55-v186
- Remove check for CutsForMen connection at startup

07/11/2007, Rev 1.55-v185
- Add "Submit KeyFinder Info" to Special Features

01/16/2007, Rev 1.55-v184
- Add Remote Assist to Web menu

08/04/2006, Rev 1.55-v183
- Changes to GateKeeper for new door controller

04/27/2006, Rev 1.55-v182
- Hide number of members in Registration window if "HideMemberNum.txt" file exists in Prefs folder

02/04/2006, Rev 1.55-v181
- GateKeeper not providing power to numeric keypad with some USB/Serial adapters

01/10/2006, Rev 1.55-v180
- Bank Debit Settings did not enable Edit EFT Info button if method was changed

12/23/2005, Rev 1.55-v179
- OpenWebPage not working for some links

12/13/2005, Rev 1.55-v178
- Add UBAMTS bank debit processing method

10/28/2005, Rev 1.55-v177
- Sending Email would cause "c is not a registered protocol" error in Mozilla Firefox browser.

10/28/2005, Rev 1.55-v176
- Fixed problem with DataCollection showing members as deleted if membership # was reused

10/25/2005, Rev 1.55-v175
- Add "Delete All Member Data" to Special Features

10/05/2005, Rev 1.55-v174
- Print Setup not bringing up Print Setup window
- Membership Card not printing to selected printer

09/13/2005, Rev 1.55-v173
- Add Manual Send option to data collection and changed timing file name

09/09/2005, Rev 1.55-v172
- Add ClieOp Bank Debit Processing method

09/07/2005, Rev 1.55-v170
- Data connection would report as Delete if member # was deleted and then added again

06/15/2005, Rev 1.55-v169
- Add Proximity Card reader capability
- Add MagStripe (Track 2) Credit Card and Driver's License capability
- Add GateKeeper interfaces for:
- Proximity card readers
- MagStripe Credit Card (Track 2)
- MagStripe Driver's License (Track 2)
- Fix Bank Debit auto-send

06/15/2005, Rev 1.55-v168
- Add GateKeeper interface for Proximity card readers.
- Fix Bank Debit auto-send

06/08/2005, Rev 1.55-v166
- Unable to add membership type on one customer's system
- Fixed some problems with data collection feature

06/01/2005, Rev 1.55-v165
- Print Setup menu item did not bring up window

06/01/2005, Rev 1.55-v165
- Print Setup menu item did not bring up window

05/19/2005, Rev 1.55-v164
- Add Data Collection functionality

04/29/2005, Rev 1.55-v163
- Update to XVT55 libraries

04/29/2005, Rev 1.5-v162
- Letters/Forms not saved with end-of-line LF chars

04/26/2005, Rev 1.5-v160
- Update Timers would stop working when system clock turned over at 19 hours

04/12/05, Version 1.5-v158
- Backup would not zip on systems that already had ZipDLL.dll from another application

03/23/05, Version 1.5-v157
- Fixed problem with NACHA batch control record when no balance transaction

02/27/05, Version 1.5-v156
- Increase max number of workstations to 5 (front-desk + 4 back office)

02/21/05, Version 1.5-v155
- In some situations, measurement report would crash.

02/08/05, Version 1.5-v154
- Added Special Feature to merge database files

01/19/05, Version 1.5-v153
- GateKeeper was unable to connect to serial ports above COM8

01/11/05, Version 1.5-v152
- Don't display "Payment Due XX/XX/XX" for CC or Bank Debit members due soon

12/02/04, Version 1.5-v151
- Viewing CheckIn Monitor on back office workstation could cause assert

11/04/04, Version 1.5-v150
- CC Processing: method would crash if cardholder name did not contain first/last names

11/04/04, Version 1.5-v149
- In Networking version, Print Settings file was stored in Global prefs directory

11/02/04, Version 1.5-v148
- Remove commas from quoted strings in Debit files

10/18/04, Version 1.5-v147
- TimeForMeasurement sound was playing on card swipe even if turned OFF

10/14/04, Version 1.5-v146
- AddMemberVisits feature still added one extra visit if adding before end of file.
This was fixed previously for cases when adding to the end of visits log file
- Multi-Monitor: On some systems, 2nd window would maximize on primary monitor instead of secondary monitor

10/11/04, Version 1.5-v145
- Turning off Admin passwords still required User password to edit members
- Added 2nd monitor swipe message to GateKeeper prefs

10/07/04, Version 1.5-v144
- GateKeeper Multi-Monitor feature: (1.0-v19)
- 2nd monitor display showing "Time for Measurement" if no time is set
- Added diagnostics for clipping mouse cursor to main screen

09/30/04, Version 1.5-v143
- Fix for GateKeeper running on BackOffice workstations
- GateKeeper now reads Config info from GymAsst Config.ini file
- Change default value of prorateFeesAtSignup to ON
- Change default value of AutoCheckIn to OFF

09/20/04, Version 1.5-v142
- Fix for PhotoCapture on BackOffice workstation under XP/Pro

09/20/04, Version 1.5-v141
- GateKeeper was taking 1-2 seconds to register card swipe

09/08/04, Version 1.5-v140
- Test to fix GateKeeper freeze bug

09/02/04, Version 1.5-v139
- Add credit card processing method

08/25/04, Version 1.5-v138
- Networking: Not able to register Back Office #2 on all systems.
- Add Multiple-Entrance capability to GateKeeper

08/20/04, Version 1.5-v137
- Add Hours to Allow Entry fields to GateKeeper Port Settings

05/10/04, Version 1.5-v136
- Credit Card and Bank Debit files listed members in reverse order

05/10/04, Version 1.5-v135
- Large number of membership types will not display all members of list on small monitors.

05/10/04, Version 1.5-v134
- Add MCA-PCC Credit Card Processing method
- EFT-CC was not debiting multiple months for delinquent members in some cases
- In Measurement reports, only show members with more than one measurement recorded

05/10/04, Version 1.5-v133
- Fixed Journal Summary handling of payment reversals

05/07/04, Version 1.5-v132
- Add totals line to end of MCA credit card processing file

04/28/04, Version 1.5-v131
- Allow user to change GateKeeper 2nd monitor font and background color

04/02/04, Version 1.5-v130
- Fixed purgeNewJournalEntries() to accept only date as well as date/time
- Renew CC members would show as Bank Debit payments in Journal

04/02/04, Version 1.5-v129
- Added explicit MCA and MoneyMovers Bank Debit methods
- Prefix MoneyMovers CreditCard files with "CC-MM"

03/30/04, Version 1.5-v128
- When adding a new member, software now checks for invalid membership numbers
- Change Member Number now updates Journal, Visits, Measurements and Picture

03/26/04, Version 1.5-v127
- Added Set Terminate Flags to Special Features
- Gym Asst no longer used most of CPU cycles

03/26/04, Version 1.5-v126
- XVT error when printing Measurement Graph for a member

03/24/04, Version 1.5-v125
- Fixed problem with not finding DLL file for gxtcp.dll plugin
- Download Update not working on some platforms

03/19/04, Version 1.5-v124
- Added dual-monitor option to GateKeeper
- Added MCA option for CC processing

03/18/04, Version 1.5-v123
- Added option for networking on Mini, Plus, Std editions

02/18/04, Version 1.5-v122
- Membership card printing not scaled correctly on some printers

02/17/04, Version 1.5-v121
- Add Member Visits feature added one extra visit

02/17/04, Version 1.5-v120
- PC/Charge export file now saves as .dat file

02/03/04, Version 1.5-v118
- Added Transmit File to Processor

01/08/03, Version 1.5-v117
Bank Debit Processing:
- Checks for invalid records before displaying Processing window
- EFT file renamed to ACH + date
- Now zips exported file into Zip subfolder
- EFT file name now includes Business Name
Credit Card Processing:
- Now zips exported file into Zip subfolder
- CC file name now includes Business Name

01/06/04, Version 1.5-v116
- EFT file putting member name instead of acct name

12/16/03, Version 1.5-v115
Fix Report Summary and Detail, which was not handling Deleted visits correctly

11/11/03, Version 1.5-v114
- Restore would not create Measures folder if it did not already exist

11/11/03, Version 1.5-v113
- Add "PC-Charge" option to Credit Card Processing Method

09/23/03, Version 1.5-v112
- Monthly Pre-Pay membership no longer defaults to payments on 1st day of month

09/23/03, Version 1.5-v111
- Emergency Info would only store 32 chars
- Rework Visits Detail report and Visits Monitor to increase refresh speed on slow network connections.

09/23/03, Version 1.5-v109
- Fixed problem with Measurements checkboxes not toggling

09/23/03, Version 1.5-v108
- Change window colors for AutoCheckIn mode
- Highlight AutoCheckIn button when ON
- Allow manual check-in even if member is not up-to-date
- Add "Play sound when measurements are due" to Measurement Settings

09/23/03, Version 1.5-v107
- OpenGate would not work with OpenGateCommand containing text
- Display contract date rather than "Yes" if contract was fulfilled

09/11/03, Version 1.5-v106
- Membership Summary: EFT-CC and EFT-Bank column headings were reversed

09/09/03, Version 1.5-v105
- Zip and encrypt EFT and CC batch files
- Put zipped batch files in Batch Files folder
- When adding new member, Last Paid Amount did not include Initiation Fee
- Modified default contract and receipt
- Added Version Info to Help menu
- Added Download Update to Help menu
- Added Send file to Bio-Logic to Help menu

08/13/03, Version 1.5-v104
- Networking: check for index file update every timer cycle instead of every 5th

08/13/03, Version 1.5-v103
- Lower-level password would sometimes allow entry

08/12/03, Version 1.5-v102
- Changed to Built-in Credit Card Methods. Added ICVerify, MoneyMovers, Manual Entry

05/05/03, Version 1.5-v101
- Fix for delete/undelete of visits
- Limit max number of entries to display in visits/transaction detail reports

04/10/03, Version 1.5-v100
- Fix for letter printing

04/08/03, Version 1.5-v98
- Add Print List (Price List) to Membership Type Settings
- No longer allow to change membership number in Edit screen,
must now use Special Features
- Journal backup was not saving transaction time, only date

04/03/03, Version 1.5-v97
- Measurement Graph:
- Added Print button (includes summary)
- Click on data point to edit measurement data

03/28/03, Version 1.5-v96
- Added club-wide Measurement Summary and Measurement Details reports
- Fixed Calendar window, which would sometimes not show last week in month

03/14/03, Version 1.5-v94
- Added Lean Weight to Measurement Graph

03/03/03, Version 1.5-v93
- Invoice: Would crash for members with due date of zero
- Invoice: Fixed selection of members from list
- Invoice: Would include member with zero payment due
- Backup: Would not save to correct location first time that folder was changed

03/03/03, Version 1.5-v92
- Added Measurements Settings
- Added Graph to member Measurements window
- Added Summary and Detail Reports to member Measurements window
- Added Prev/Next buttons to Edit Measurements window

02/26/03, Version 1.5-v91
- Fixed Monitor window after Visits Detail report changes

02/26/03, Version 1.5-v90
- Resize item in Renew/Payment dialog
- underlying changes to Visits Detail report

02/24/03, Version 1.5-v89
- Fix GateKeeper auto-launch on Win98 machines
- Invoice: member due on process date would show zero due

02/14/03, Version 1.5-v88
- Automatically launch GateKeeper at startup
- Actively monitor connection with GateKeeper

02/11/03, Version 1.5-v87
- Added capability to Edit Journal Transaction from Member History window
- Completely revamped Journal Summary report

02/10/03, Version 1.5-v86
- Add Letters, Forms and Measures to backup file
- Always back visits and journal in text format
- Add Edit button to Journal report
- Fix Form/Letter printing, which would sometimes cause freeze
- Added field-width formatting option for Forms/Letters
- Add Web menu
- Reworked invoices to use Form merge and show all payments due
- Simplified Invoice interface, but allow selection of members from list

01/31/03, Version 1.5-v83
- Automatically turn on Barcode features if GateKeeper installed.

01/30/03, Version 1.5-v82
- Can not restore from backup directly when software is re-installed

01/28/03, Version 1.5-v81
- Rework form/letter printing

12/10/02, Version 1.5-v80
- Bank Debit/Credit Card renewal interface redesign