About Networking

A Gym Assistant network license networking upgrade allows multiple computers in your club to run Gym Assistant and ProShop while sharing a single set of data. Each workstation has full read/write privileges, so any changes made on one workstation will appear automatically on the other workstations.

Gym Assistant networking requires the following:

How It Works

Gym Assistant Networking requires only a shared data folder. This folder can be placed anywhere on your local network, as long as all of the workstations can access the folder and modify files in the folder.

Gym Assistant Networking DOES NOT require a “server” computer.

It requires only a “host” computer (or network drive) that will hold the data.

Here are the basic steps to setting up Gym Assistant networking

  1. In Windows, create a new data folder to use for your Gym Assistant data, and share that folder with all other computers on the network.
  2. Install Gym Assistant on one computer.
  3. After entering your registration information, Gym Assistant will ask you to create a New Data File. Select the folder you created in step 1 as the data file's destination.
  4. Install Gym Assistant on the other computers.
  5. At startup, Gym Assistant will ask you to find a data file.
  6. Point the application to the same data folder that you created in step 1, and all the computers will automatically point to the same data folder.