About Users and Passwords

Gym Assistant allows you to control access to different parts of the software.  For instance you might want to allow regular staff to add members and accept payments but not to change member contracts or view member financial information.  The software will also log each User’s activity for later review.  In simple terms, you can control what people are able to do, and later you can see what they did.

A Master Password should be created which will allow access to all features.  This password should be given only to critical staff members such as the club owner and manager.

Note: If you forget your Master Password, please contact Bio-Logic.

Each person who uses the software should be added as a User.  Each User is given a set of Permissions, which determine the allowed areas of the software.

For convenience you can create a set of Permissions for a Group.  Each User that is attached to a Group is automatically assigned all permissions defined for that Group.   For example, you might create a Group called “Front-Desk Staff” with access limited to checking in members and accepting member payments.