Adding New Members

Note:  Each new membership record must have a unique membership number. It is very important not to re-use old membership numbers.

The Gym Assistant license that you purchased enables the software for a certain number of membership records.  This limit is on the number of records, not the membership numbers themselves.  For example, if you have a 500-member license and have deleted 100 member records from the database your membership numbers will go well over 500.

Personal Information

Note: Only the First Name and Last Name are required.

Contract Information.

  1. Select a Membership Plan.
  2. Specify a Contract Begin Date and Contract End Date.

Note: The Contract End Date field is filled automatically from the current membership plan.

  1. Terminate Billing specifies what should happen at the Contract End date or Payment Due Date.  (See “Editing a Membership Plan” for details about member termination.)  The value for this field is filled automatically from the selected membership plan.  To modify the value you must first click Admin.
  2. Select one of the Billing Options available for this membership plan (e.g. “Monthly”).

The Billing Option shows only billing options available for the selected membership plan.

The Recurring Billing Amount field automatically fills with the correct value for the selected membership plan and billing option.

  1. Specify the due date of the first payment by clicking on the small arrow to the right of the Next Payment Due Date field or by simply typing in a new date.

The options available in the Next Payment Due field will change depending on the billing option selected. 

For recurring billing options (Credit Card and ACH) the Next Payment Due date is automatically set to the first available billing date as specified in Settings/General Billing options.

  1. Membership Fee is automatically calculated from the Billing Option and Next Payment Due Date selected.  To override the calculated value click Admin.
  2. Press the Enter key or click Next to continue.

  1. Select a payment method to indicate how the member is paying today for startup fees.

Note: This does not indicate how the member will be making future or recurring payments, only how they are paying at sign up.

  1. After finishing the initial member setup, there will be a few options for the new member to add if necessary.

Finishing Information

The New Member Finish window will appear.

  1. Click Barcode to enter a barcode number for the member.

You can either type in the member’s barcode number or scan a barcode, then click OK (or press the ENTER key).

  1. Click Photo to capture a photo of the member.  See Photo Capture for more information.
  2. Click Contract to print a contract for the member.
  3. Click Edit to go back and manually edit the member’s information.