Chapter 5 - Member Administration

Adding New Members

Recording a Membership Payment

Completing a Transaction with Cash, Check, or Charge

Cash Remittance

Check Remittance

Charging a Credit Card with Card Present

Charging a Credit Card on File

Applying Charge to Member Account

Edit Member Record

Personal Info Tab

Contract Info Tab

Other Info Tab

Family/Dependent Members

Making an Existing Member Dependent on Another Member (“Linking”)

Unlinking a Dependent Member

Member Financial Information

Updating Member Credit Card Information

Tokenizing Card Information for Maximum Security

Updating Member ACH (bank) Information

Tokenizing ACH Information for Maximum Security

Punchcard Add-Ons

Setting up Punchcard Add-Ons

Purchasing a New Punchcard

Purchasing Additional Credits for an Existing Punchcard

Recording Usage of Punchcard Credits

Other Member Punchcard Functions



Member Notes

Individual / Variable Pricing

Turning on Individual Pricing for a Membership Plan

Turning on Individual Pricing for a Member

Freezing/Unfreezing Members

Handling the End of a Membership

Looking Up a Member

GateKeeper: Member Check-In