Completing a Transaction with Cash, Check, or Charge

The Transaction - Member Payment window will appear.

There are five possible methods to collect money for any transaction:

Please see below for details on each method.

Cash Remittance

  1. In the Transaction window click Cash (or press the ‘A’ key) to accept a cash payment.

  1. Enter the cash received (you don’t need to include the decimal or cents) and click OK or press the Enter key.
  2. Check the Print Receipt checkbox if you need a receipt.

  3. Gym Assistant will display the Change Due window and you get one more chance to print a receipt.

  1. Click OK to close the Change Due window.

Check Remittance

  1. In the Transaction window click Check (or press the ‘H’ key).
  2. Enter the check number (optional).

Charging a Credit Card with Card Present

  1. In the Transaction window click Credit Card (or press the ‘R’ key).

  1. If you have a USB credit card reader swipe the card through the reader. Otherwise just enter the credit card information.
  2. Click Charge This Card or press the Enter key to complete the transaction.

Note: If you will submit this charge outside of Gym Assistant (e.g. through a standard desktop retail credit card terminal) then click Manual Charge. You will then be asked if the charge was approved or declined.  Be careful, though … clicking Manual Charge will record the payment, but it will not submit the charge for you.

Charging a Credit Card on File

  1. Click CC on File (or press the ‘C’ key) to charge the credit card on file for this member.

Note:  This button is only enabled if the currently displayed member has his billing option set to Credit Card.

  1. Click Yes to confirm that you want to charge the members card on file.

  1. After submitting the charge Gym Assistant will report if the charge was successful.

Applying Charge to Member Account

Gym Assistant can allow a member to charge purchases or membership fees to her member account (basically to “run a tab”), which will add a given amount to the member’s Account Balance.  When the member makes her next membership payment her account balance will automatically be added to the membership fees to be collected, and the balance will be cleared.

  1. Click Member Account (or press the ‘M’ key) to charge this transaction to the Member account for this member.

Note:  The Member Account button is only enabled if the currently displayed member has a Billing Status of Active.

  1. Click Yes to confirm the charge to the member’s account.

  1. Gym Assistant will report the member’s new account balance.