Entering Membership Plans

  1. Enter the different membership types that your gym offers.

  1. Define your club’s “price list” with different membership options.

Each membership type includes the following fields:

Note: You can modify your Membership Plans and all other Plan Types later at any time by selecting Membership Types from the Settings menu.

  1. Click Add New Membership Plan to add a new membership type.
  2. The New Membership Plan window will appear.

  1. Type in a Plan Name for the new membership type, and then enter the Signup Fee in dollars. This amount will be added to the first payment when the member first signs up.
  2. Enter the Contract Length.  If you do not require a contract, then enter zero.
  3. For each manual payment option that you plan to offer, check the box and enter a payment amount .

Note:  Manual Payment Options are collected individually from the member each month, whereas the Recurring/Automatic Billing Options will be collected automatically each month.

A membership can have one or more payment options.

In a “Standard” membership plan, members could have the following payment options:

  1. After finishing the membership plan, press the Enter key or click OK.
  2. The new membership type will then appear in the Membership Types window.
  3. Add as many membership plans as you need (the software allows up to 128 different plans), then click Done to close the window.

For complete information about adding and modifying your Membership Types, please see Working with Membership Types.