Financial Reports

Financial reports provide information about club revenues over extended periods of time.

Revenue Projection Report

  1. Select Revenue Projection from the Reports menu.
  2. The Revenue Projection report calculates the revenue that you can expect to generate each of the following 12 months based on your current membership.

Note: This report can help to forecast future revenue fluctuations, which may occur as a result of normal seasonal cycles or special promotions.

Revenue Performance Report

The Revenue Performance Report shows monthly performance trends over an extended period of time.

  1. Select Revenue Performance from the Reports menu.
  2. Specify the date range for the report by doing one of the following:

The report will show revenue totals for each month in the date range, with subtotals for each year.

Sales by Membership Type

The Sales by Membership Type report displays totals sales for each membership type.

  1. Select Sales by Membership Type from the Reports menu.

  1. Select a date range for the report.