Freezing/Unfreezing Members

Gym Assistant can automatically freeze and unfreeze members.  A member who is “frozen” will not be billed while frozen, and they will not be allowed entry into the club. An example of freezing a member would be someone who will be on vacation during the month of July.  You set the date on which the freeze will start (7/1) and restart (8/1).

  1. Set the Freeze Date and Unfreeze Date.
  2. Check the box Advance Due Date at UnFreeze if you want to credit the member for the time of the freeze (if they won’t be expected to pay for that time period).
  3. Check the box Advance Contract End Date at UnFreeze if want to extend the member’s contract by the length of the freeze.
  4. Enter a Reason for the Freeze to add a note to the member’s Journal history when the freeze is activated.