General Credit Card Settings

  1. To setup credit card processing, select Credit Card Processing from the Settings menu.

  1. Set the Processing Method to indicate how you will be processing your credit cards.  You will find further details about each processing method below.
  2. Check Require Tokenization to require that all stored credit card number is tokenized.  Checking this box will ensure the highest level of security for your members’ credit card information.  (See “Tokenizing Card Information for Maximum Security” elsewhere in this document for more information about tokenizing credit card info.)
  3. Check Process ‘Card Present’ transactions externally if you will not be processing manual credit card charges through Gym Assistant (e.g. if you have a desktop credit card terminal).
  4. Specify the Number of credit card receipts to print.
  5. Under Credit Cards Accepted enter the name and abbreviation for credit card types that are accepted.