Members List Reports

Members Detail Report

The Members Detail Report displays a list of members with comprehensive options for filtering the list and specifying what fields are displayed.

Here is a sample member list:

To generate a member list, select Members Detail from the Reports menu.

Filtering The List

The Members Detail Report window (below) provides a flexible tool to generate a membership list. 

The default report displays a list of all Active members (those with Billing Status set to “Active”) sorted by membership number.  Change any of the following filters to further refine the list for your needs:

Plan Types
Billing Status
Billing Options
Due Date
Contract Begin / Contract End / Signup Date
Visits Recorded
Search Fields
Member Flags
Sort By

Specifying Fields (Columns) for the Report

Note: If you include too many fields in a report, the right-most fields may not appear (they will be truncated).  To fit the report in a single page width, you may need to (a) reduce the number of fields displayed, (b) print the report in Landscape mode or (c) reduce the text size.

Memorizing Reports

Gym Assistant can memorize a report setup for later re-use.  For example, you might want to generate a list of all members whose contracts will be expiring in the next month.

Note: The report parameters (filters and displayed fields) are memorized, rather than the list of members.

Memorizing a Report

  1. In the Members Detail Report settings window, click Memorize this Report.
  2. Then specify a name for the report (e.g. “Contracts Ending”).

Loading a Memorized Report


After loading a memorized report, you may need to adjust the report's date settings before displaying the report.