Membership Add-Ons

Monthly Add-Ons

A Monthly Add-On can only be added to a monthly membership.  The amount of the add-on is simply added on to the member’s regular monthly dues.  

For example, a club might charge $10 per month for locker rental.  Those members with Locker Rental added to their memberships will have the $10 per month added to their regular monthly membership fees.

Punchcard Add-Ons

A Punchcard Add-On provides a way to sell packages of credits and then count down the number of credits left for that member as they are used.  

You can use Punchcard Add-Ons to sell aerobics classes, personal training sessions, tanning, equipment rentals or almost anything that would be tracked with a counter.

Note: A Punchcard Add-On is different from a Punchcard Membership Plan.  With a Punchcard Membership Plan one visit credit is deducted automatically every time the member enters the facility.  Punchcard Add-On credits are not deducted automatically, but must be registered individually at the front desk.