Membership Payment Options

Each Membership Plan can have up to seven different payment options with a different price for each option.

Manual Payment Options

Manual Payment Options are paid at regular intervals by cash, check or credit card.  Either the member will pay you in-person or will mail in a payment.  Each payment is processed individually.

  1. To enable a manual payment option, check the box next to that option and set the price, which is the amount the member pays each billing period.  (For example, a member with the Quarterly payment option shown above would pay $120 every 3 months.)
  2. To set a custom billing period check the Custom box, then set the price and billing period for that option.  (For example you might offer an option where the member pays every 2 weeks.)

Recurring/Automatic Billing Options

The Recurring/Automatic (EFT – Electric Fund Transfer) billing options are charged to the member’s credit card or debited from the member’s bank account (called ACH – Automated Clearing House) automatically each month.

To enable the Credit Card or ACH billing option(s) check the box next to that option, then set the monthly price.

Note: You can set a custom Recurring (EFT) billing period for a membership plan by clicking Advanced (see the next section, Advanced Options).

Advanced Options

These settings are rarely used, but they can be very useful for special cases.

Limit Hours of Entry

  1. Check this box to limit the hours during which members of this type can enter the club.
  2. Check the Limit Hours of Entry box to set the allowed hours.

Pro-rate Amount Due at Sign-up

For each membership plan you can override the default for whether to pro-rate the amount due at sign-up.  You have three choices:

Pro-Rate Amount Due at Contract End

For each membership plan you can override the default for whether to pro-rate the amount due at the end of a member’s contract.  You have three choices:

Minimum Days to Pay at Signup

For each membership plan you can override the default Minimum Days to Pay at Signup found in General Billing Options.

Allow Individual Pricing

Check this box to allow unique (variable) pricing to be set for each member of this membership type. 

By default, Gym Assistant always calculates the billing amount for each member from the pricing structure that you specify for all membership plans. If this option is turned on for a given membership plan, then pricing for members of that plan can be set for each member individually.

Note: See Individual / Variable Pricing for more information on variable pricing for membership plans.

EFT Billing Period

  1. For any given recurring billing plan you can change the billing period from the default of “monthly” to another value.
  2. Click Change EFT Billing Period.

  1. Set the billing period to any number of days, weeks or months then click OK.

Note: Changing the EFT Billing Period for a given membership plan will change the billing period for all recurring billing members with that plan.