Membership Types Explained

Membership Plans

A Membership Plan is time-based.  The member pays a defined amount for a given period of time.  A membership plan has a billing period (for example, every month), and it can also have a contract length

The Contract Length for a membership is optional.  If you specify a contract length you can also determine what will happen at the end of the contract. 

Punchcard Plans

A Punchcard Plan is based on visits, rather than time.  A member with a Punchcard Plan can buy a package of entries into the club (visits).  Each time the member checks in at the front desk one visit is automatically deducted from his total number of visit credits remaining.  Member check-in usually happens when the member scans a barcode, but check-in can also be done manually by the front-desk staff.

Day-Pass Plans

A Day-Pass Plan requires that the member pays for each visit individually.  For example, a Day-Pass Plan might be useful for a rock climbing gym where each member must have a signed waiver on-file.  A Day-Pass plans can be used either members or non-members (walk-ins).  A Day-Pass sold to a walk-in will record the visit and the revenue, but that visit will not be attached to any member (basically anonymous).