Other Reports


The Birthdays report will display a list of all members whose birthdays fall during a specified month.

  1. Select Birthdays from the Reports menu.

  1. Select a month of the year to list birthdays, then click OK.

The report lists the birthdate, age and phone for each member with an upcoming birthday, and the report is listed by date.

  1. To take an action for the members in the list click Print.

Now select one of the following actions:

Linked Memberships

The Linked Memberships report displays a list of all primary (responsible) and dependent members.  This report is useful to review linked memberships to confirm that primary and dependents are of the same billing period and due date.

  1. Select Linked Memberships from the Reports menu.

  1. Click All to display all linked members, or click Active Only to filter out family memberships for which no members are active.

  1. To view or edit any member in the list, right-click on the entry for that member and select View Member Info or Edit Member Info.

Punchcard Usage/Activity

The Punchcard Usage/Activity report shows overall activity for all Punchcard Plan members.

Members Due Now

The Members Due Now report displays a list of all members whose due date is today or before today.

  1. Select Members Due Now from the Reports menu.
  2. The Members Detail report filter window appears with the Due Date set to today’s date:

  1. Specify any additional filters for the report then click Display Report.

Silver Sneakers Visits

The Silver Sneakers Visits report will generate a standard report (in CSV format) to send member usage information to Silver Sneakers.

Only members with a Silver Sneakers ID will be included in the report.  To enter a member’s Silver Sneakers ID click Edit Member Record, then select the Other tab.

  1. Select Silver Sneakers Visits from the Reports menu.

  1. Specify the date range for the report, then click View.

The number of visit entries and included members will be displayed.