Paste or Import a Picture

Paste a picture from the Clipboard

  1. You must first copy an image from another program, such as Picture Viewer or Adobe PhotoShop.

Note: The “Paste from Clipboard” button will be enabled only if there is a valid picture file on the Clipboard.

  1. Click Paste from Clipboard.

  1. The new image will appear in the Edit Picture window.
  2. The small rectangle that appears represents the area of the picture that will appear with the member’s record.
  3. Click on the rectangle and drag it to center the person’s image in the box.
  4. If necessary, click the “- Smaller” or “+ Bigger” buttons to make the image bigger or smaller.
  5. When you are finished, click Save and the new picture will appear with the member’s record.

Import a Picture from a File

  1. Click the Import Picture.
  2. Navigate to the picture to import and click Open.