Printing Invoices

Invoice Settings

To change basic invoice settings select Invoices from the Settings menu.

Editing the Invoice Layout

A member invoice is a special form letter that includes information about payments due for a member.

  1. Select Edit Form Template from the Documents menu. 
  2. Click Existing and open document “Invoice.txt”.
  3. Note that the invoice template includes the special space holders for [INVOICE_INFO] and [INVOICE_MESSAGE].  When an invoice is printed the payment info will replace the [INVOICE_INFO] text, and a custom message will replace the [INVOICE_MESSAGE] text.
  4. You can edit the remittance info by selecting “Invoices” from the Settings menu.

Note: The default invoice template is formatted to tri-fold and place in a windowed envelope. You may need to adjust the formatting to align the addressed with the windows on your envelopes.

Printing a Single Invoice

  1. Select Print Invoice from the Member / Documents menu.

  1. Specify a Process Date for the invoice.  All charges due on or before the Process Date will appear on the invoice.

Printing Multiple Invoices

  1. Select Print Invoices from the Billing menu.

Billing Date:  All charges due on or before the Process Date will appear on the invoice.

Maximum Aging:  Allows you to filter out members who are delinquent by more than a few months.

For example, you might not want to bill members who are more than 3 months past due.

Include all members with Account Balance Due:  Allows you to include any member with a balance due even if that member does not have a membership payment due.

For example, a club might allow members to charge retail purchases to their member accounts for later payment.  They could run the billing weekly to collect for the retail balances owed.

  1. Click OK to continue.

  1. Click All to print invoices for all members due, or click Select to filter the list.

If you click Select then the Select Filters for Members List window will appear.

  1. Specify filters to refine the list, then click Generate Invoices to continue.

  1. In the Select Members to Invoice window select or unselect members in the list by holding down the CTRL key while clicking.  Click OK to continue.

The list of selected members will appear.

  1. Click Print Invoices to print the invoices.