Printing Membership Cards

Gym Assistant can print membership cards for members, either one at a time on single sheets of paper or as a batch with multiple cards on one sheet.

Membership Card Settings

The format of the card can be slightly customized. 

Note:  All measurements are displayed using the units (inches or mm) selected in Settings > Language/Date/Time.

Card Width/Card Height: Dimensions of the card.

Horizontal/Vertical Offset:  Location of top-left corner of the card.

Rows/Columns Per Page:  Number of rows and columns on a page (only used when printing multiple cards on a page).

Row/Column Spacing:  Empty space between cards (only used when printing multiple cards on a page).

Vertical Barcode Offset:  The vertical distance between the bottom of the card and the bottom of the barcode.

Text Font:  The font and size for text displayed on the card.

Barcode Font:  The font and size for the barcode displayed on the card,

Background Image:  The path to an image file to display in the background of the card.  The image will be scaled to fit above the barcode, since the barcode requires a white background. 

Image Density:  How densely to print the background image, 0-100%.  A higher value displays a more vivid image, a lower value displays a lighter (more washed-out) image.

Include Fields:  Additional fields (Billing Plan name and Contract End date) that can be displayed on the card.

Print card borders:  Check this box to print the border of the card.

Shrink text to fit available space:  Check this box to optimize text size to fit on the card.

Printing a Membership Card for a Single Member

To print a membership card for the displayed member:

  1. Select Print Membership Card from the Member / Documents menu.
    The membership card will be displayed for preview.  
  2. Click Print.

Printing Membership Cards for Multiple Members

To print membership cards for multiple members:

  1. Select Print Membership Cards from the Documents menu.

  1. Create a list of members to print.
  1. Click Print to print membership cards for all members in the list.