Recording a Membership Payment

While viewing a member’s record you can manually record a membership payment by clicking Record a Payment.

The Member Payment window will appear with the member’s current contract info appearing at the top of the window.

Billing Periods specifies the number of billing periods that the member will be paying.

Note: The default is one period (e.g. one month), but if the member is delinquent then Gym Assistant will display the number of months required to bring that member up-to-date.

Membership Fees automatically calculates the fees due (from your pricing structure) when you change the number of billing periods for this payment.

Note: To override the Membership Fees click Admin.

Dependent Membership Fees displays any fees due for any dependent members.

Note: To view or modify the payment details for dependent members click View Dependents.

Other Fees can be added on at the time a payment is made.

Note:    Use this field to add any amount for this payment only.

Sales Tax is calculated automatically from Membership Fees and Other Fees.  (See General Billing Options to set sales tax rates.)

Payment on Current Balance lets you specify how much the member will be paying on his current membership balance.

Total Payment Due will be calculated automatically.

Next Payment Due displays when the members next payment will be due.  This value is automatically updated when you change the number of billing periods for this payment. To modify the “Next Payment Due” click Admin.

To Pro-Rate a payment (calculate the amount due from the monthly billing amount and due date) click Admin then check the Pro-Rate checkbox.

Enter the end date for the payment period into Next Payment Due, then click Calculate.  The appropriate member fees will be calculated automatically.

Click Admin to enable Membership Fees, Payment on Current Balance, Next Payment Due Date and Pro-Rate items.

Note: After clicking Admin you may be required to enter a password for Member Admin, depending on how you have set up passwords and user permissions.

Click Modify Contract to change the member’s contract.  The new contract parameters that you select will be reflected when you come back to this Member Payment window.

Click Record Payment to continue with this transaction and take payment from the member.