Registering Your Software

  1. The first time you run Gym Assistant the Software Registration window will appear.

  1. You should have received Registration Information from Bio-Logic (on a cover letter or by email).

If you have the registration info on-hand, then click Enter Registration Info Now to enter the info now (go to the next step).

If you click Enter Registration Info Later, then you can enter the registration info the next time you start Gym Assistant.

Note: You will only be able to add twenty new member records until you enter a valid registration code.

  1. Enter the User Name, Serial Number and Registration Code that you received from Bio-Logic and then click OK.

Note: Be sure to type the User Name exactly as it appears on your information sheet, including spaces and punctuation.

  1. The Registration Info window then appears displaying your information.

  1. Click Close to proceed.
  2. The Localization Setup window now appears.

  1. Select a Language and set options for Date Format, Time Format, Measurements and Currency or click OK to accept the defaults.
  2. The New Data window now appears.

  1. After creating a new data file or importing an existing data file, Gym Assistant will restart automatically.