Setting Up Passwords, Users and Groups

Note: To use passwords you must (1) enable passwords and (2) define a Master Password.

Password Enabled

Check Passwords Enabled to turn on passwords.  This box must be checked to enable password protection in the software.

Set Master Password

Click Set Master Password to create a master password.  After entering a new Master Password you must enter it again to confirm it.  If you want to remove an existing Master Password just enter a blank password.

Note: The Master Password will override all other passwords and allow access into all features in the software.  Never use the Master Password for everyday work, as you should grant all users access to all functions.

Always require login at startup

Check Always require login at startup to prevent non-users from starting Gym Assistant.  If this box is checked then a valid User password is required to startup Gym Assistant.  If this box is not checked then anyone can start Gym Assistant and view member data.

Allow Access to some areas without login

If this box is checked then you can specify a list of areas that can be accessed with no password.  For example, you might want to allow staff to record member payments without entering a password. 

Note: We recommend limiting use of this feature.  Click Select ‘No-Password-Needed’ Areas to define the areas that will not require any password.  (See Setting Permissions)

Disable Passwords until restart

Check this box to temporarily disable all password protection.  Password protection will remain disabled until either:

This feature is useful if you will be doing a lot of administrative work (e.g. changing lots of member records) and you don’t want to enter your password every time.  
If passwords are temporarily disabled the background screen in the software will blatantly display the message “Passwords Are Disabled!” to remind you that security is currently off.

Edit User List

Click this button to edit the User list.