Settings - Preferences

Program Options

Program Options determine basic settings for the application.

Play Sounds – Check this box to play the “ping” and “buzz” sounds when members check in.

Sounds Volume – This control sets the volume for check-in sounds.

Warn on multiple visits in same day – Check this box to have Gym Assistant warn you when you try to manually record a second visit for a member.  This can prevent you from accidentally manually entering duplicate visits.

Enforce proper City/State/Zip formatting – If this box is checked then the member City/State/Zip field must be formatted with a comma after the city and the state and zip must be entered.

Track Checkouts – If this box is checked then member check-outs can be recorded.

Max Visit Duration – This is the default visit length for members who do not check-out.  Once a member checks in they will be considered “on-site” for this many minutes unless she checks out.  (See “Who’s Here? Report” below.)

Don’t show dialogs at startup – Check this box to have Gym Assistant start more quickly.

Show members terminated at startup – When Gym Assistant starts it automatically scans the database to see if any members should be terminated, frozen or unfrozen.  Check this box to have the program display a report at startup if any of these actions were taken.

Confirm before Shutting Down – Check this box to have the program confirm if you really want to quit.  This can prevent accidentally exiting the program.

Launch Automatically at Windows Login – Check this box to have Gym Assistant start automatically when you login into Windows.

Membership Number Range – The maximum membership number allowed is 32,000 but you can set an explicit range of available membership numbers.  This might be useful, for example, if you have barcode keytags with numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. and want to ensure that your membership numbers do not overlap with your keytag numbers.

Next Membership Number to Add – This value specifies the next membership number to add.  If this number has already been used then the program automatically looks to higher numbers until an unused number is found.

Allow user to set Membership # for each new member – Check this box if you want users to be able to override the automatically-generated membership numbers.  This might be useful, for example, if you are entering existing members into the system and want to retain their current membership numbers.

Automatic Updates

Please see Automatic Updates for detailed information on this topic.


Gym Assistant allows you to customize the look of the program.

Background Image – Click Browse to select a picture for the Gym Assistant background.  If you do not select an image (or clear the Background Image text) then the Gym Assistant logo will be used.

Image Alignment – Specifies where and how the background will appear. The choices are:

Screen Font

Maximize Font Size Automatically – Check this box to have the program automatically scale the selected screen to your display at startup.  You may need to uncheck this box if the automatic scaling results in some windows being too large for your display.

Member Display Color / Change – Click Change to set the background color for the View Member Info window.