Software Activation

The Software Activation window will appear the second time you start Gym Assistant.  Software Activation is a way for Bio-Logic to protect against unauthorized copying of the software and to keep prices low for you, the customer.  You must activate your software on this computer within 30 days of installation.  After that time, some features will be disabled until you activate your software.

Software Activation requires that you obtain a unique Activation Code for the installation on your computer.  You can obtain your activation code by several means:

·         Activate Now: If you have an internet connection on your computer, then you can activate directly from within Gym Assistant.

·         Activate Later: If you have access to the internet on another computer, then you can obtain your activation code from the Gym Assistant web site and then enter it into Gym Assistant at a later time.

Note: If you do not have access to the Internet, you can call Bio-Logic to obtain your activation code.