Before You Begin

Please consider the following:

Is the scanner powered?


Does the scanner beep when you scan a card?

Fusion Barcode Scanner
ZBA Barcode Scanner
ID-Tech Slot Barcode Scanner:
Metrologic/Honeywell Serial Laser Barcode Scanner

In some cases, the Metrologic/Honeywell serial laser barcode scanner may need to be reconfigured to work properly with GateKeeper or Pro-Shop.  The scanner configuration can be changed by scanning special codes found in the Metrologic “Single-Line Configuration Guide.”



No Parity

Baud Rate:


Data/Stop Bits

8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit

Hardware Handshaking

Disable RTS/CTS

Software Handshaking

Disable XON/XOFF Handshaking

Metrologic/Honeywell Scanner and UPC Codes

If you are using the Metrologic/Honeywell serial scanner with Pro-Shop, then you may need to configure the scanner to properly format shortened UPC bar codes (found on some items).

  1. In the Single-Line Configuration Guide locate the section titled Code Formatting: UPC/EAN Formatting.
  2. Scan the code corresponding to the Expand UPC-E to 12 Digits setting.