Viewing Member Information

The vast majority of time in Gym Assistant will be spent in the View Member Info window. The View Member Info window displays all information about a member.

There are three main areas in the View Member Info window: 

Member Info Area

The following information is displayed in the top of the Member Info area:

Member Personal Info

Member Contract Info

Member Other Info

Member Actions Area

The Member Actions area of the View Member Info window contains buttons that can apply actions to the currently displayed member.  These buttons provide a convenient shortcut to the most commonly-used member functions.

Note: These buttons provide immediate convenience, but the complete set of available actions are always available from the menu bar.  All actions that can be applied to the displayed member are found in the Member menu.

The Member Actions buttons include the following functions:

Add Member

Adds a new member.

To add a dependent member select Add Dependent Member from the Member menu.

Record a Payment

Record a manual payment.

Edit Member Record

Edit the member record directly.


Add/Edit the member Alert (which will deny entry).


Add/Edit the member Comment (which will not deny entry).


Add/Edit the member picture.


Add/Edit the member barcode.


Add/Edit the notes for this member.


Add/Edit/Review measurements for this member.


Add/Edit member punchcard add-ons.

Record usage of a member punchcard credit.

Navigation Area

The Navigation Area provides controls to lookup members and control the display of members.

Member # or Name View

Look up a Member:

Enter a member number, barcode number or part of a member’s name (first and/or last name), then click View.  (See Member Lookup)

Note: Viewing a member record will not record a check-in for that member.  (For check-in you must click Check-In, go into Monitor Check-Ins window or scan the member’s barcode.)

Clear Display

Clear the currently displayed member info


Display the Previous/Next member.

When browsing members this will display the previous/next member in the database (sorted by membership number).

When viewing member info from a list, this will display the previous/next member in the list.

Monitor Check-Ins

Display a list of the last 100 member check-ins and allow you to manually check-in multiple members.  (See Monitor Check-Ins)