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Setup for Credit Card Interface

Reference Number: AA-00408 Views: 31888 Created: 2014-04-15 15:51 Last Updated: 2014-04-15 15:57

When you setup your account with make sure that it is setup to handle card-not-present transactions.

To confirm that the account is setup correctly:

  • Login to your account.
  • Under Account (on the left side) click Merchant Profile.
  • Under Business Information confirm that Product Type is set to Card Not Present.

If your account is not setup as Card Not Present then you will need to contact to setup a Card Not Present account.

Now you just need to change some settings under your account:

  • Under Account (on the left side) click Settings.
  • Under Transaction Format Settings click Direct Response.
  • Set Delimited Response to Yes.
  • Set Default Field Separator to Comma.
  • Leave Field Encapsulation Character blank.
  • Click Submit.

Now you will need to get your login information to enter into Gym Assistant:

  • Under Settings/Security Settings click API Login ID and Transaction Key.
  • Copy the API Login ID to a secure place for later retrieval (such as a NotePad or Word document).
  • Under Create New Transaction Key enter the answer to your security question and click Submit.  A new Transaction Key will be displayed.  Copy this Transaction Key to the same document as above.

You are now ready to setup Gym Assistant for processing with

  • Select Credit Card Processing from the Settings menu.
  • Set the Processing Method to
  • Click Settings.
  • Enter the Login ID and Transaction Key that you obtained from
  • Click Test to test these settings with the gateway.
  • If the test is successful then you are ready to begin charging cards through Gym Assistant.  If there are problems please see Troubleshooting below.


Error 92 - The gateway no longer supports the requested method of integration

If you get this error then you need to properly set the Direct Response setting on the website.  See above for directions.

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