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How to add a Sales Tax Rate in ProShop

Reference Number: AA-00779 Views: 11818 Created: 2018-01-18 00:18 Last Updated: 2018-01-18 00:18

This short Article explains how to add a Sales Tax Rate to only items sold in Pro-Shop.

Please launch ProShop and sign in to your account:

  • choose Settings from the top menu
  • select Sales Tax Rate from the drop-down menu
  • here you can add/remove multiple Sales Tax Rates as need be
To add a Tax Rate to a product or service, you will first be required to create /add each product to ProShop. Once the item has been added you can assign a tax rate:

  • choose Products from the top menu in ProShop
  • select the product you would like to apply the Tax Rate to and select Edit Product
  • when the Edit Product window opens select the Tax Rate you would like to apply to your product and click ok to close the window

When you have added the Sales Tax Rate to the product, you are ready to sell. The new Tax rate will be applied when you sell that item to members or guests at your gym!

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