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1 10% fed tanning tax

After creating your Tanning membership plans, and setting the Sales Tax rate by clicking Settings-->General Billing Options, you will automatically charge those members the %tax fee.

2 Charging late fees for delinquent members

This article explains how to apply late fees to delinquent member accounts. You must have Gym Assistant version 2.0.1 or newer to implement these steps. There is not currently a direct way to apply late fees to members, but there is a "special feature" that…

3 How to add a Sales Tax Rate in ProShop

This short Article explains how to add a Sales Tax Rate to only items sold in Pro-Shop. Please launch ProShop and sign in to your account: choose Settings from the top menu select Sales Tax Rate from the drop-down menu here you can add/remove multiple Sales…

4 Setup for Credit Card Interface

When you setup your account with make sure that it is setup to handle card-not-present transactions. To confirm that the account is setup correctly: Login to your account. Under Account (on the left side) click Merchant…

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