Configuring Settings in GateKeeper

Port Settings

  1. Start GateKeeper by one of the following methods:
  1. In GateKeeper select Access Point / Ports from the Settings menu.


  1. Check the Entrance Enabled box.
  2. Check the Scanner Enabled checkbox.
  3. Set the Reader Type to Barcode.

Note: If you are connecting to a Genovation Numeric Keypad then set the Scanner Type to Genovation Keypad.

  1. Set the barcode scanner Baud Rate to 9600.

Note:  If you are connecting to a Genovation Numeric Keypad then set the Baud Rate to 1200.

  1. Click Find Reader, then scan a card (or press a key on the keypad).

If the scanner is found, then the Reader Serial Port will be set automatically.

If the scanner is not found then click the Cancel button and refer to Troubleshooting.

Limiting Entrance Active Hours

The Hours tab allows you to set the times for which this entrance is active.


In general, limiting active hours for an entrance will be used only when controlling access into your facility (“access control”).
When an access point is INACTIVE the scanner will still beep when it reads a barcode, but no member visit will be recorded.

  1. Click the Hours tab.

  1. Check the Limit Hours of Entry box and set the time periods during which you want the door to respond to card scans.

Note: If this entrance should be active 24/7 then leave this box unchecked.

  1. Click Display Open/Close Hours to show exactly when the entrance is active during all hours for the upcoming week.

Note: This is a good way to confirm that you have set the hours of entry correctly.