Edit Member Record

You can directly edit all of the fields in the member record directly, but we strongly recommend that you use other functions when making changes to a member’s contract (recording payments, starting new contracts, inactivating/reactivating members).  

Note: Editing a member’s record directly may sometimes seem convenient, but it will not leave a useful audit trail for statistics and business reporting.

To edit a member’s record directly click Edit Member Record or select Edit Member Record from the Member menu.

Personal Info Tab

Note: You can not change a member’s Membership # from this window  To change a membership # you must select Special Features from the Utilities menu, then select “Change Membership #” from the list.

Gym Assistant can maintain a pre-filled list of often-used City/State/Zip entries. 

Contract Info Tab

Notice that all of the Contract fields are disabled by default.  

Change the Plan Type to display Membership, Punchcard or Day-Pass plans.

Note: The Billing/Payment Options list will change to display only the Billing Options available for the selected plan.  The Recurring Billing Amount will display the amount for the selected plan and billing/payment option.

To edit your club-wide pricing structure, click Edit Plans. Note that this will change your pricing structure for all members, not just the current member.

Other Info Tab

The Other tab contains all other member fields.


The Comment field displays prominently when viewing a member’s record.  (See Pre-Filled Lists.)


The Alert field displays prominently when viewing a member’s record.

 (See Pre-Filled Lists.)

Note: Any Alert will deny entry for that member.

Barcode #

Enter the member’s barcode # or click Set Bar Code and then scan the barcode with the barcode reader.

Last Tan Time

For those clubs utilizing GateKeeper to control access into a tanning room, this field shows the last time the member recorded a tanning session.  Click Clear Last Tan to reset this value.

Silver Sneakers ID

Enter a member’s Silver Sneakers ID in this field.


For those clubs utilizing a fingerprint scanner to control access, this field will show if the current member has a fingerprint on file.

Click Register New to register a new fingerprint for this member.

Click Delete to delete the current member’s fingerprint on file.

Custom Fields

You can use the four Custom fields to store any information for your members.

To rename the fields select Custom Fields from the Settings menu.

(See Pre-Filled Lists.)