Settings – Membership Options

Please see Membership Structure and Pricing for detailed information on this topic.


Gym Assistant can track basic body measurements for your members each month.  When a member checks in the program will emit a voice prompt (“It’s time for your measurements!”) if her next measurements are due to be recorded.

Long-term results can be reported or graphed for individual members or for the club as a whole.

Measurement Settings

Custom Fields

You can define four custom member fields.  These text fields can be used for drivers license, employer, interests (e.g. swimming, aerobics, boxing, etc.) or any other type of useful information.  You can use these custom fields to search the member database (for example, list all members with employer “Oracle”).  You can also create pre-filled lists of values for any custom field, for example a list of different employers to choose from.

Note: Each custom field is limited to 64 characters in length.

Naming the Custom Fields

  1. Select Custom Fields from the Settings menu.

  1. Enter the name you want to use for each field.

Defining Pre-Filled Lists for Custom Fields

  1. Select Pre-Filled Lists from the Settings menu.
  2. The custom field names that you created will appear in the list to edit. (See Pre-Filled Lists for more information.)

Pre-Filled Lists

You can create pre-filled pull-down lists for the following member fields:

Editing Pre-Filled Lists

  1. Select Pre-Filled Lists from the Settings menu.

  1. Select a field from the pull-down menu and the list of values will be displayed. 
  2. Click Edit to edit the list. Put each list entry on a separate line. The list will be automatically alphabetized when it is displayed to the user.

Note: Put a single space at the front of a list entry to make that entry appear at the top of the list.

Working with Pre-Filled Lists