End-of-Shift Z-Report

The End-of-Shift Z-Report can help you reconcile the cash drawer and receipts at the end of the day or the end of a shift.  Gym Assistant will calculate the total sales over the shift and reconcile sales with the amount left in the register.

Entering Z-Report Values

  1. Select End-of-Shift Z-Report from the Utilities menu.

  1. Begin Shift Total
  1. End Shift Totals
  1. Check the Gym Assistant and/or ProShop boxes to include sales from each program in the report.
  2. Click Generate Shift-End Report.

Gym Assistant will report whether the Z-Report is balanced and then display the End-of-Shift Z-Report.

If there are any discrepancies in the totals they will be displayed as OVER (too much in the register) or UNDER (not enough in the register). You will then be allowed to go back and correct the report if desired.

Calculating Cash Totals

If you need help counting cash totals while entering the Z-Report values click Calculate.  The Cash Calculator window will appear.