Printing Mailing Labels

Gym Assistant can print mailing labels to use for sending letters or invoices to your members.

Mailing Label Settings

  1. Select Mailing Labels from the Settings menu.

Rows Per Page       Number of label rows (down) on a page

Columns Per Page Number of label columns (across) on a page

Label Width            Horizontal distance from one label to the next label

Label Height           Vertical distance from one label to the next label

Horizontal Offset    Horizontal distance from left edge to first label

Vertical Offset        Vertical distance from top edge to first label

Text Size    Text size for labels

  1. Click Test to print a test page.

Printing the Labels

  1. Select Print Mailing Labels from the Documents menu.

  1. Set filters to generate a membership list as needed. 

Note:  Please refer to Members List Reports for details about creating a filtered list of members.

  1. Select or unselect members in the list by holding down the CTRL key while clicking, or click Select All
  2. Click OK to continue.  The list of members will appear.

  1. Click Print Labels.