Processing Credit Card Members

Process Summary

  1. Select members to charge:  A list is created of members due on or before the billing date.
  2. Clean up invalid card info:  Any members with invalid credit card info can be fixed.
  3. Process the payments:  Member credit cards are charged.
  4. Record payments:  All payments are automatically recorded in Gym Assistant.

Selecting Members to Charge

  1. Select Process Credit Card Members from the Billing menu.

  1. Billing Date determines what members will be billed.  Only members due on or before the Billing Date will be billed. To choose a date, do one of the following:

Note:    Only members who are due on or before the “Billing Date” will be included in the billing list.

  1. Maximum Aging allows you to filter out members who are delinquent by more than a few months.

For example, you might not want to bill members who are more than 3 months past due.

If you specify a Maximum Aging of 90 days then members who are due more than 90 days before the Billing Date will not be included in the list.

  1. Include all members with Account Balance Due allows you to include any member with a balance due even if that member does not have a membership payment due.

For example, a club might allow members to charge retail purchases to their member accounts for later payment.  They could run the billing weekly to collect for the retail balances owed.

  1. Click the OK to continue.
  1. The Credit Card Billing window shows a list of all members-to-be-billed with all members selected.

Each responsible member is displayed with the following information:

For example, if the amount shown is (2x28/43.00+28.00) then the responsible members owes membership fees of $28 each for 2 months, a previous $43 balance owed, and $28 for his dependents.

  1. Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on a member in the list to select or unselect that member.

Note: The total number of members in the list and total amount billed appears at the bottom of the window.

  1. Click the OK to continue.

Cleaning Up Invalid Credit Card Info

The Credit Card Cleanup window shows the number of members with invalid or expired credit cards.

  1. Click View Invalid Records to see the list of invalid records and make any corrections.

  1. Right-click on any member in the list and select Edit Member Info to view and change that member’s financial info.
  2. After reviewing and correcting any invalid card info, click OK to return to the Credit Card Cleanup window.
  3. Click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Note: Any members with invalid payment info will not be included in the next billing step.

Processing the Payments

The Process Credit Card Charges window title shows the currently selected processing method (which is in this case Integrated – IP Pay).

Note: If you are using one of the integrated payment processing methods then the member payments will be recorded automatically as the charges are processed.  (See details for each processing method below.)

Processing the Payments - Integrated Methods

The information in this section pertains to the following Processing Methods:

  1. Click Process Payments.
  2. Gym Assistant will now automatically process each charge in the batch.
  3. Click the Cancel at any time to stop the batch.

Note: Clicking the Cancel will NOT affect any charges that have already been processed, and it will not cancel the charge currently in-process.  It WILL stop from processing the next charge in the batch.  After clicking Cancel you can resume charging the batch, and members already charged will not be charged a second time.

  1. After the batch is finished a report will be displayed showing a summary of all charges in the batch.