Settings – Administration

Online Connect Setup

Online Connect is Gym Assistant’s direct connection with the web server. Online Connect provides many functions from within the software:

To set up Online Connect:

If you have not previously set up an Online Connect account:

  1. Click Setup New Account.
  2. Enter a password for your account. 
  1. Re-enter the password.  Your account is now set up.

Email Setup

Gym Assistant gives you two methods for sending emails.  Each method has its pros and cons.

Use the Mail Server

This option allows you to send emails through the Gym Assistant mail server. 


Use Your SMTP server

This option allows you to send emails through your own SMTP mail server.


Setting up Email in Gym Assistant

  1. Select Email from the Settings menu.

  1. Enter a Reply-To Email Address.  This is the email address to which a reply is sent if the recipient chooses to reply.
  2. Select a Sending Method. (See above for a description of the different methods.)
  3. Select a Sending Mode:

If you selected the SMTP method, then you must enter settings for your SMTP server.  Please refer to instructions from your ISP for proper settings.

Language / Time / Date

To change formatting for date, time, measurement and currency used in Gym Asststant:

Note that Language selection only changes certain phrasing in the software, such as “Expiry Date” instead of “Expiration Date”.