DataSync from Gym Assistant

Service for clubs/gyms with MULTIPLE locations



DataSync is a Gym Assistant feature and service that allows multiple facilities to share one set of member data.  Each facility has a full copy of the data with instant access to view and modify all member information.


DataSync synchronizes data changes among the facilities, so that any data changes at any of the facilities will automatically distribute to the other facilities.


DataSync FAQ

  • Can I make changes at two (2) facilities at the same time?  Yes, provided you are not modifying the same member record.  If so, then whichever change is saved most recently will take precedence.


  • How long does it take for changes to be seen by all the facilities?
      • Member data 15-30 seconds
      • Journal entries 3 – 5 minutes
      • Photos 3 – 5 minutes


  • What data is shared between the facilities?  At this time, the following data is shared: • Member records, Notes and Attachments • Membership types and global settings • Journal transactions (everything available in Journal reports)


  • What is Required?
      • PC Minimum 8GB RAM


      • DataSync requires a reliable internet connection at each location.


      • Non-expired Technical Support & Maintenance Subscription is required per location


      • A Gym Assistant Software License is required at each location


  • What happens if my internet goes down?  We recommend you do not make changes to member records until your internet connection is back.  At that time DataSync will automatically sync back up within a few seconds.


  • Is it secure?  Yes, every DataSync service utilizes its own private server database, and all communications with the server are secure.


  • How much does it cost?  Please contact the Gym Assistant Sales Department to receive a price quote and further information about DataSync.

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