Gym Assistant Software Upgrades


Upgrade Today! Upgrade to Gym Assistant Software Version 2.6.0


Version 2.6.0 is a major upgrade over earlier versions.  We have worked diligently to add improved capabilities and powerful new features especially related to moving beyond a challenging COVID-19 period while retaining the ease-of-use that has made Gym Assistant so popular. Upgrade to Gym Assistant version 2.6.0

What’s New in Gym Assistant version 2.6.0?

  • BRAND NEW! – AutoBill feature added to recurring Billing
  • Expanded Database Capacity
  • Online Member Portal
  • eSignatures
  • SMS Automated Notifications
  • Occupancy Monitor
  • Context-Sensitive Online Help
  • Waivers Tracking
  • Check-in & Check-out with a single reader
  • Various Improvements to Visit Reports
  • Compatible with these items purchased separately:

Upgrade your Database Capacity


Registered owners increase your database capacity.  Simply upgrade your Gym Assistant Software Edition to the next level.  It’s easy — place your online order and we will reply within a single business day to provide a new Gym Assistant registration code.  Enter the code into the software and your database capacity will automatically increase with no changes to your existing data.  Upgrade database capacity