Gym Assistant Upgrades

Upgrade Today! Upgrade to Gym Assistant Version 2.0

Version 2.0 is a significant upgrade over earlier versions. We have worked hard to add improved capabilities and powerful new features while retaining the ease-of-use that has made Gym Assistant so popular. Upgrade to Gym Assistant 2.0

What’s New in Gym Assistant 2.0?

  • Visitor Plans (visit-based memberships)
  • Day-Passes
  • Family (dependent) memberships
  • Add-On Activities (counters)
  • Member Notes (unlimited length)
  • Grace Period (for delinquent members)
  • Contract Enforcement (requires an up-to-date contract)
  • Reports:
    — Visits Analysis Report
    — Revenue Performance Report
    — -Shift Journal reports
    — Membership reports can be Memorized and Retrieved
    — Birthday report
  • Automatic Online Updates

Upgrade your database capacity in 2 minutes!

Registered owners increase your database capacity. Simply upgrade your Edition to the next level. l It’s easy — place your online order and we will reply with a new Gym Assistant registration code. Enter the code into the software and your database capacity will automatically increase. Upgrade database capacity