Product FAQ

Is Gym Assistant compatible with Windows 10 or Windows 11?

Yes, Gym Assistant is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (not Windows 8 RT), Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Is Gym Assistant compatible with Macintosh?

Gym Assistant is not directly compatible with MacOS, but Gym Assistant works great on a Mac with Parallels Desktop.

It is not compatible with the Macintosh OS.

Can you import data into Gym Assistant from other membership programs?

Yes, quite often we are able to import data from your existing membership program or from Excel into Gym Assistant. Contact us for more information.

Is there a monthly Fee?

We do not charge a monthly fee. Once you purchase our software you own it. The software will not expire.

How do I get updates for my software?

When you purchase our software, youl receive free updates for one year. Our software is designed to automatically check online for updates. If you don’t have an internet connection on the computer running Gym Assistant you can download the update from another computer onto a CD or USB flash drive. At the end of the first year, you will be given an option to purchase a maintentence plan to continue the automatic updates.

Can I run Gym Assistant on a laptop?

Absolutely. Gym Assistant works great on any laptop or desktop computer. If you are using a laptop, we recommend adding a USB mouse (and maybe even a USB keyboard) to make it easier to move around on the screen and enter information.

What if I need to add capacity to my database in the future?

Simply upgrade to the next record capacity level. We will provide a Registration
code that will automatically increase your database capacity. There is no need to re-install the software or convert your data.

Can I sell physical retail merchandise also?

Gym Assistant software is only for selling memberships.  For the sale of physical retail merchandise we offer an integrated add-on called ProShop software.

Can I install Gym Assistant on a network?

Yes, if you purchase a Network License. The network license allows from 2 up to 10 computers to share Gym Assistant and ProShop data.  Any changes made on one computer will appear immediately on the other computers. You can easily upgrade a standard license to a network license at any time.

What is the best way to back-up the Gym Assistant database?

Gym Assistant data can be backed up very easily to a writable CD or USB flash drive. The data is quickly compressed into a single password-protected file. You can also backup your data to the Bio-Logic web server, your data is secure and and available only to you. Restoring your data from a previous backup is a very quick process.

Do you provide technical support for customers?

Our software comes with free phone and email technical support for one year. We use a Remote Assist tool that allows us to connect to your computer and directly diagnose and fix any problems.

Can I secure sensitive data?

Gym Assistant includes password protection options to protect sensitive information. You can easily specify the areas of the software that can be accessed by any individual.

Who owns my data?

With Gym Assistant software you are in full control of your data and you own it.  You can export your data from Gym Assistant software at any time and there are no fees to do so.  Your Data is Your Data!

System Requirements:

Windows 10 or Windows 11
40 MB free disk space
Software only users:  Recommend PC with 4GB RAM Minimum
Software + Access Control or Network License users:  Recommend PC with 8GB RAM Minimum