Gym Assistant Support – Policy

Annual Maintenance Subscription

Your annual software maintenance subscription includes the following services:

  • Telephone and email support
  • Access to software updates and hot fixes
  • Access to Premium Online Services:
    • eSignatures
    • Online Member Portal
    • Automated Online Backup & Restore
    • Email capability thru the mail server
    • SMS capability
  • Reduced pricing on software version upgrades

Annual Support includes up to twelve (12) telephone incidents or six (6) total hours of telephone support, whichever comes first.  Additional support can be purchased on a per-incident basis (see below).  Phone support incidents have a half-hour (thirty-30 minutes) cap (unless otherwise noted).  Network problems and other system issues may require more time.  The technician may ask you to open an additional incident if more time is required.

Once you have contacted technical support on an issue, there is no additional charge for repeated contacts on the same issue until that issue is closed.  If you do not contact technical support regarding an issue for thirty (30) days, the issue is closed.

How to Obtain Support

Telephone support is available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm Pacific Time by calling 1-877-496-2778 (or 1-510-865-1815), extension 2.  If a representative does not answer your call directly, clearly leave a brief message including:

  • Your name
  • Business name
  • Telephone number where you can be reached
  • A brief description of your issue.

Please speak clearly and repeat the phone number so that we can reach you.  A technical support specialist will contact you as soon as possible (See below “Target Response Times”).

Email support is available Monday-Friday by emailing to [email protected].  See below “Target Response Times”.

We triage all support requests according to an active paid Support subscription, severity of the problem and the availability of a support specialist with the skills appropriate for each request.  For example, a customer not able to open his database or a club with a non-functioning access control system will take priority over a club with questions about basic functionality.

Database access problems, Access Control and payment processing issues usually take precedence over other support issues.

We also offer an Online User Guide that is always available (24/7/365).

Remote Access to your computer

In order to more quickly resolve your issue Gym Assistant technicians may require remote access to your PC.  This remote access can only be initiated by you on your computer.  While connected you can watch everything the technician does and can disconnect the technician at any time.  If our technician requires remote access and it is not possible (for example, due to customer’s company security policy or problematic internet access at your site), we may not be able to render assistance.

Hours of Operation

8:00am-4:30pm Pacific time, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)

Target Response Times

Critical 4 business hours
Major 8 business hours
Minor 12 business hours
Cosmetic 24 business hours

Gym Assistant Support – Pricing

  • Pricing is subject to change anytime.
  • Pricing is annual.
  • Customers with a Paid technical Support Subscription will receive Priority response.
  • All Support subscription renewals will be eligible for the following pricing model:

Silver Support Level

USD$160 per year

Includes support for the following Gym Assistant purchased products:

  • All Software (Gym Assistant, ProShop, TimeClock)
  • Check-in (GateKeeper utility and check-in reader/scanner) – NOT Access Control
  • Credit Card processing and readers
  • PhotoCapture (software and camera)
  • Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer

Gold Support Level

USD$310 per year

Includes support for all Silver Level items listed above plus:

  • Networking
  • Access Control

MemberShare and DataSync specific support is included with the separate purchase of those additional services.

Single Support Tickets are available for USD$85 per half hour (30 minutes).

Customers with two (2) or more locations operating Gym Assistant software are eligible for a Multiple Location Discount on Support:

  • 2 or more locations = 50% Discount per location

A Gym Assistant Software License can be transferred to a new ownership party.  To transfer ownership of your Gym Assistant software license there is a License Transfer Fee of USD$200.  This fee can be paid by the Current Owner or the New Owner.  This fee needs to be paid before our Technical Support Team can help remove any data from your Gym Assistant software.  Please contact the Sales Department for more information and help making a License Transfer payment.

(Last updated November 7th, 2023)