ProShop FAQ’s

Can I use a handheld product (UPC) scanner?

Yes. Pro-Shop works great with any handheld scanner. Just scan the item and press one key to ring up a sale. In fact, Gym Assistant and Pro-Shop can share on scanner. Membership barcodes are automatically passed into Gym Assistant, and product scans (UPC codes) are automatically passed into Pro-Shop.

Is a handheld product (UPC) scanner required?

No. Pro-Shop is designed to work well using just the keyboard, if you want. Ten QuickButtons let you instantly ring up the most commonly sold items.

Can I use a cash drawer and receipt printer?

Yes. Pro-Shop interfaces with any cash drawer or receipt printer with serial (RS232) or parallel (LPT) interface. Gym Assistant and Pro-Shop will even share the same cash drawer and receipt printer.

Can I use the cash drawer that I already have?

Yes, as long as it interfaces through a serial (RS232) or parallel (LPT) port or through an existing receipt printer.

Does Pro-Shop handle credit cards?

Pro-Shop will process credit cards using the same method as Gym Assistant. Give us a call to discuss your options for integrated credit card processing in Gym Assistant.

Can I run Pro-Shop and Gym Assistant at the same time?

Yes. The two programs are independent but linked closely together. To switch between Pro-Shop and Gym Assistant you only need to click on the Pro-Shop or Gym Assistant button at the bottom of the screen. You can also switch between the programs with a single keystroke.

Can I use Pro-Shop for other businesses, other than gyms?

Absolutely. Pro-Shop can work for any type of business that has only modest point-of-sale requirements. If retail is the core of your business, however, we recommend you purchase a more comprehensive software package.

Does Pro-Shop export its data into QuickBooks?

No. Pro-Shop will track all of your sales details for you. We recommend entering each day’s sales total into QuickBooks in order to track your daily revenues. Gym Assistant will generate a combined report that shows all revenues from membership and retail sales.

Can I run Pro-Shop on a network?

Absolutely. Pro-Shop will work on the same workstations as Gym Assistant. If you have a networked Gym Assistant license then Pro-Shop is automatically networked as well.

Does Pro-Shop keep track of my gym membership sales?

No. Gym membership sales are managed from within Gym Assistant.

Can members charge purchases to their gym accounts?

Yes. Any ProShop purchases charged to a member’s Gym Assistant membership will automatically get added to the next billing for that member.

System Requirements:

Windows 10 or Windows 11
40 MB free disk space
Software only users:  Recommend PC with 4GB RAM Minimum
Software + Access Control or Network License users:  Recommend PC with 8GB RAM Minimum

ProShop add-on equipment: barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers.POS Equipment