MemberShare from Gym Assistant

Service For clubs/gyms with MULTIPLE locations


MemberShare allows multiple Gym Assistant locations to allow reciprocal visitation rights.  Here is how it looks at each club location:


  • Each member belongs to his Home Club.  All membership changes (adding members, receiving payments, editing contact info, etc.) are done at the member’s Home Club.
  • Each member can visit any of the associated Remote Clubs as a Visitor.
  • A Remote Club has access to only a limited amount of information about MemberShare Visitors from other club location(s):
    • Member Name
    • Membership Number
    • Home Club
    • Billing Status (Active, Inactive, Terminated, etc.)
    • Payment Due Date
    • Gender
    • Photo
    • Barcode #


How does MemberShare work?


  • The shared member data will reside at a location accessible to all client clubs through a standard and reliable connection to the Internet.
  • At the end of the day each club will export its member list (which includes only the limited information as listed above) to the shared location.
  • At the beginning of the day each club will import member lists from the other client clubs.


Preparing for MemberShare Integration


You must be running the latest version of Gym Assistant software and have an active technical Support subscription to receive this service.  PC required to have a minimum 8GB RAM.  Please contact our Sales Department for more information and to receive a price quote to upgrade.  Phone number 1-877-496-2778 ext1 or [email protected]

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