Good Gym Access Control System – What to look for

A good access control system is vital for any gym or health club. It can help ensure that only authorized members have access to the facility and its equipment. There are a number of different systems that can be used, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Ultimately, the best type of access control system depends on the specific needs of the gym or health club. It is important to consider things like security, cost, and ease of use when making a decision. Let’s take a look at these in more depth.

Good Gym Access Control System

It is all about the access.

A good gym access control system will be able easily allow or deny access to your facility. The system should be able to easily keep track of who is coming and going, as well as restrict access to certain parts of the gym or club.

It needs to be able to monitor activity and report any suspicious behavior, be easy to use for both customers and staff and should also work with other security systems in place, such as CCTV cameras or a door watcher.

There are different types of access control depending on the setup of you facility, but the main access system that many gyms and health clubs use is access control via a door.

With a door control access system a user can simply gain access by swiping a card, fob or even gaining access by the use of a smartphone and BlueTooth.

What are the different Types of Door Locks?

Any sort of door lock that suits your physical setup is fine, although the most prevalent are electric door strikes and magnetic locks.

Electric Door Strike

An electric door strike is installed in the door frame — when power is turned on, the strike releases, allowing the door to be pulled open. To leave the room, simply turn the knob as you normally would. An electric strike functions well on a single door with a self-locking latch; when it’s closed, the lock will automatically lock itself. An electric strike does not work with a deadbolt lock.


A magnetic lock (or “maglock”) is made up of a strong electromagnet mounted to the door frame and a steel plate secured to the door — when current is applied, the door is locked, and when it’s switched off, the doors can be opened. If your double doors are made of aluminum frame glass or if you only have a deadbolt lock (like many aluminum frame glass storefront doors), then a maglock may be an excellent option.


A good gym access control system should have the ability to monitor activity. This is important for keeping an eye on things and making sure everything is running smoothly. It should allow you to see which members use your gym on a regular basis and also you should be able to look up the account of the customer using the gym software attached to the access control system.

Some gym access control systems will also allow you to set up reports that can be run on a regular basis. This is a great way to see patterns in customer behavior and usage. It can help you to spot any potential problems early on so that you can take action to fix them.

For example, if you notice that there are a lot of people coming into the gym during off-peak hours, you may want to consider changing your hours of operation. Or, if you see that there are a lot of people using a particular piece of equipment during peak times, you may want to add more of that type of equipment to your gym.

The ability to monitor activity can also help you to improve customer service. If you see that a particular member is not using their membership very often, you may want to reach out to them and offer them a discount or some other incentive to come back to the gym.

It is important to have a good gym access control system in place so that you can easily monitor activity and take action when necessary. A good system will help you to run your gym more efficiently and will also help you to provide better customer service.

Able to access even offline

One of the main benefits of having a gym access control system is that it can work even if there is no power or internet connection. This is because the access control system will store all of the data locally on the device.

This is important for a number of reasons. First, it means that you will still be able to keep track of who is using the gym even if there is a power outage. Second, it means that you will still be able to control access to the gym even if the internet connection goes down.

There are a number of different types of access control systems available on the market, but not all of them have the ability to work offline. Be sure to choose a system that will be able to work even if there is no power or internet connection.

Good Gym Access Control System


Another important consideration when choosing a gym access control system is how user-friendly it is. You want to choose a system that is easy for your staff to use and understand.

You also want to make sure that the system is easy for your members to use. The last thing you want is for your members to be frustrated trying to figure out how to use the system.

Look for a system that comes with clear and concise instructions. Also, look for a system that offers customer support in case there are any problems.


The system should be affordable. There is no need to break the bank when it comes to security.

When choosing a good gym access control system, be sure to consider all of these features. With the right system in place, you can help keep your gym or club safe and secure. You can also monitor activity and take action to improve customer service. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect system for your needs.