How does DoorWatcher operate with Gym Assistant Access Control?

DoorWatcher lets you track activity at your door.  It captures a series of still images over a ten-10 second period at the door.  The DoorWatcher Viewer will display the member info, member photo on file and a series of still photo images from the scanned entry.

DoorWatcher with an added door sensor can track all door opening activity, whether a member scan from the outside, an exit from the inside, or even a door being opened from the inside to allow non-paying members illicit entry.  All door opening activity is saved in logged files that can be accessed anytime by an Administrator.

What is required to operate DoorWatcher? 

Combined with any Gym Assistant access control system;

  • A dedicated specialized USB Webcam
  • USB specialized extension cable 33ft or 66ft (can be daisy chained up to 200ft)
  • PhotoCapture software required
  • An active Gym Assistant Support & Maintenance subscription
  • Optional: Add a door sensor to also capture photo images at the door whenever the door is opened (recommended).  This lets you see if members are opening the door for other people.

Why use DoorWatcher? 

  • Visually confirm if the person walking through the door is actually the member whose card was used.
  • Visually confirm if your members are bringing their friends in for a free workout.
  • Visually confirm when a member exits your facility

Pictures don’t lie.