Door Entry Control Systems for Gyms – Which is best?

A door entry control system is an important aspect of any gym or health and fitness facility. But with all the door entry access control systems available, finding the one that is best for your premise can sometimes be a daunting task.

In this article, we will have a look at what Door Entry Control Systems actually are, the different varieties available on the market and the pros and cons of each one.

What is a Door Entry Access Control System?

Door Entry Access Control Systems or Door Entry Control Systems automatically allow or deny access to your facility. It is the security aspect of your gym which allows your members in to access the facility whilst keeping trespassers out. It ensures that your investments in the form of equipment and infrastructure are safe and sound.  Door Entry Control Systems for Gyms usually consist of unlocking the doors via digital methods either using an access code, a key fob, card or even an app on a smartphone.

What are the benefits of Door access control systems?

Extra layer of security

Digital entry control systems often have multiple security layers paired with video surveillance, so you know who enters your gym and at what time. 

Convenience is the Key

Whether you have a gym, health club or any venue that has members, having a door access control systems makes it more convenient for your members as well as yourself. Staff do not need to constantly be there to allow people in, and your members don’t need keys to unlock doors.

Multifaceted Aspect

An access control system doesn’t need to be just for a single entry or exit door. A multi-door system can allow certain members or staff to access certain areas such as locker rooms or staff only areas. A Door Entry Control System for your Gym can be molded as to the overall needs of your health club or fitness center.

What are the different types of Door Access Control Systems?

Based on Entry Option

There are many different ways to allow access (release the door lock) to your membership facility. Below we look at some examples.

Barcode Access Control System

Barcode access control is an effective way to secure and manage access to buildings, offices, and fitness facilities. By using barcodes, organizations can quickly and easily grant or deny access without the need for additional hardware or personnel. Barcode Access Control Systems allow users to effortlessly scan their barcoded card or tag when entering a facility and immediately be granted access if they have been given the correct permission.

Pros – Highly customizable with various levels of access granted to different personnel

Cons – Can be prone to errors if users forget their cards/tags or barcodes are not properly read

Proximity readers

No keys, no complex codes, nothing cumbersome; simply use an ID card, a pre-programmed card, fob, or even a bar code from your smartphone.

Pros One of the most popular access control system for health clubs. It is easy to issue a card or fob for a member and the system is relatively affordable.
Cons – There is nothing to stop people using other people’s cards or fobs – unless it is accompanied by a security camera system.

Biometric Readers

 Scan the fingerprints or take an iris scan to enter the premises and you have one of the finest security layers for your gym. Easy to use and hard to circumvent.
Pros –
highest level of security as people cannot fake a fingerprint.

Cons Very expensive especially if you have a small operation.


Simple yet effective method used by many  Door Entry Control Systems for Gyms, one needs to simply punch in a special code to enter.
Pros – Easy and simple to use and install.

Cons – Sharing the access code is easily done and security is easily bypassed.

Intercom setup

Using both a code and visual authorization over a video these systems allow for a staff member to check the visual identity of a member before allowing access.
Pros – High level of security and not too expensive to install.

Cons – Expensive to run as you will always need a staff member on hand to verify id for access.


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Based on the entry/exit door

Tripod turnstiles

A simple and old-school door access system, tripos turnstile doors can be accessed by anyone with a key fob/card key to release the turnstile. Though simple it is far from being flawless for keeping unauthorized entry in check.
Pros –  Simple system. Cheap to install. Good for outdoor areas / pools etc.
Cons – Not that secure. Would still need a staff member on hand to supervise.

Full-height turnstiles

With a full-height turnstiles, these offer a more secure approach of safeguarding your fitness space. Although more secure compared to tripod turnstiles, they are a bit tedious to operate especially for your members if they are not used to similar setups.
Pros –  Simple system. More secure that tripod turnstiles. Good for outdoor ares.

Cons – Can get clunky to use. Again sometimes need staff supervision.

Interlocking doors

Easy to use and heavy on security, interlocking doors are the “it” thing when it comes to high level of security. They can be made of steel or glass and offer quick-in and quick-out option, both for you and members at your gym.
Pros – Great and easy to use to allow access to buildings.
Cons – People can easily let others in unless there is a camera system attached. Not suitable for outdoor areas like tennis courts, swimming pools etc.

So …Which one is best for a gym?

Picking a Door Entry Access Control System for your gym really depends on the set-up you have and what level of security you are after. In general for an indoor gym with one to two access doors many people use a proximity reader with key cards or fobs.

So there you have it.  If you are considering installing Door Entry Access Control Systems at your gym/fitness center check out Gym Assistants Stand Alone Access Controllers.