Barcode Access Control System

Increase security * Extend gym hours * Add 24 hour access!

The barcode access control system scans barcodes on keytags or ID cards. All barcodes scanned are date/time stamped and recorded in Gym Assistant’s “Visits Journal” log file. Print reports to see busy/slack hours, number of visits, those denied entry and more.

How Does It Work?

The barcode reader used in our Access Control System sends a signal to the Electronic Door Controller. Gym Assistant determines the member’s status and then sends a signal to the door controller. Members in good standing are admitted. You can specify hours of entry.

The software can control two entries per computer (additional computers require the optional Networking add-on) , and each entry can be independently enabled or disabled at pre-set times during the day or night.

For general information about Access control systems, turnstiles and electronically controlled doors please see our Access Control FAQ.

For detailed technical information about installing and configuring our Barcode Access Control System, please see Barcode Access Control Setup.

Barcode Access Control Equipment

slot barcode reader


Barcode Access Control System Package – Save time by ordering the barcode reader, door controller and mounting plate as a system package. Faster than ordering items individually. Order now.

Slot Reader

Weatherized Slot Barcode Reader After scanning a barcode, member in good standing will be checked-in. The date and time stamp is recorded in Gym Assistant’s “Visits Journal” log file. The barcode reader wiring can be extended up to 300 feet using standard Cat5 networking cable. Learn more.
Slot Barcode Mounting Plate Allows for easy mounting of slot barcode reader to any surface. Learn More


Door controller Electronic Door Controller Triggers an electronic lock to open when given a signal from Gym Assistant. You can specify hours for entry. Only members in good standing are admitted. Ready for easy under-counter mounting. Learn More
Hinged plastic cover

Optional Hinged plastic cover protects the slot reader from wind and rain. Purchase separately, not included in Keytag Access Control package. Learn More

Generic and Custom ketags available in online store

Barcode System Setup Guide